The CDS membership due date has been extended until Wednesday May 31,2017 ( 6pm ).

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The CDS membership due date has been extended until Wednesday May 31,2017 ( 6pm ).

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    The Board of Directors of the CDS is pleased to invite you to our Biennial General Meeting that will take place on Sunday June 04, 2017 @ 5pm at the Druze House.
    As per our by-laws, the meeting agenda is as follows:
    1) Discussing the reports and the statements required at the Biennial Meeting
    a) Last year’s activities report
    b) Financial report
    2) Electing 7 directors to become the CDS Board for 2 years as required by our by-laws
    3) Renewing the period of our internal auditor or appointing a new one
    4) The transaction of any other business properly brought before the meeting
    The 5 members of the Election Committee are: Mohamad Abou Hamdan,Souheil Elhalabi,Firas Abou Munzer,Rima Albaradei Zahreddine ,and Saed Abouchakra .This committee will oversee the elections in the presence of Mo3tamad Mashiakhat Alaql Sheikh Yousef Yehia and the CDS Honorary president Mr. Walid Alawar. Members of the Election Committee must not be running for elections.
    The candidates are:
    Akram Aboucharaf

    Amin Younis
    Ziad Yehia
    Jinane Bouorm
    Wassam Zahreddine
    Nesrine Ghosn Zahreddine
    Ismail Jabour
    Walid Fayez
    Bassam Elkhechen
    Salim Boutarie
    Due to the busy schedule of holding and organizing the CDS National Convention in Toronto and to give people a chance to vote in the election, the CDS board of directors has agreed to extend the membership due date until Wednesday May 31,2017  ( 6pm ).
     Only members ( 18 years or older ) who are in good standing and have paid their dues for the last 2 consecutive years shall be entitled to vote at the biennial meeting …
    The annual membership per family is $120 and $60 for singles…
    Examples: A family that did not pay their dues last year will have to pay $240 ( $120 + $120 ) this year.
    Singles $120 ( $60 + $60 )..
    The membership dues of $120 for a family covers, in addition to the husband and wife, any member of the family under the age of 25, who is a dependent to the parents or is a student.
    Good luck to all candidates.



Thank you,
CDS Board of Directors


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