The Canadian Druze Society is proud to announce the latest group of the CDS Ladies Committee. These hardworking volunteers include:

  • Arij Abouchakra
  • Ghada Souki
  • Hyam Fayez
  • Jinane Bouorm 
  • Mayssoun Hatoum
  • Mirna Bitar Zebian 
  • Nada Elawar
  • Nisreen Bou Hamdan 
  • Rima Elbaradei Zahreddine  
  • Rola Hichy 
  • Rouweida Aridi Abdulsamad 
  • Samah Elkadi
  • Sanaa Debaissy 
  • Soulaf Sarieddine 
  • Wessam Haydar 

These ladies are committed to attend all the ladies’ committee meetings and participate in all the CDS events. If any other lady is interested in joining this committee, please do not hesitate to contact Rima Elbaradei Zahreddine.

We look forward to a very productive year in working with all of the ladies in our community as we need everyone’s support. We hope that together, we can serve our Druze Community the best way possible for a better future for our children.


Announcing the new members of the CDS Ladies Committee

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