Please mark your calendar for some of the Canadian Druze Society this year's events  :
Mother's Day ——————————->  May 07,2016
Picnic —————————————–>  June 19,2016
Heritage Night —————————–>  July 09,2016
Kingston Picnic —————————->  July 31,2016
Eid Al-Adha ———————————>  September 10,2016
Halloween ———————————->  October 31,2016
New Year's Eve —————————-> December 31,2016
Please be informed that the Druze House will be open every Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm starting on April 13,2016 for all the Druze families to come and socialize. 
If anybody has any suggestions, comments or concerns some CDS board members will be there to answer all your questions.
Thank you,

CDS Events for 2016

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