Dear brothers and sisters…
This is a friendly reminder to renew your CDS membership.
This is the time to renew your membership and commitment to your community. This is the time to show that Druze pride that burns in our hearts. This is the time to start building a more harmonious community and stronger CDS. This is the time to become a proud first time CDS member. Our kids will be the winners of a stronger CDS and a more engaged community.
Why should I become a CDS Member?
1. You will be eligible to run for election to the CDS Board of Directors. 
2. You will be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
3. Your children will be eligible to receive CDS Scholarships.
4. You will receive a discount of 10 %  off all CDS events tickets.
5. 25 % off renting the Druze House.

6. Tax deductible receipt for your donations to the CDS.
7. Arabic school is FREE for your children at the Druze House (September 2016).
8. You will help the CDS to grow stronger.
We will be providing a CDS membership card to all our members.
Membership Fees:
1. Family membership $120 (includes husband and wife , children under 24 years old that depend on their parents)
2. Single adult Membership, (includes any member over 18 years) $60.
May God protect our beloved CDS and grant us peace and harmony with an abundance of blessings for life.
Note:You can pay your membership in three different ways:
PayPal online at
or by mailing a cheque to our address below(paid to: Canadian Druze Society of Ontario)
or paying Cash to any of our Board of Directors members.
A receipt will be mailed to you.
Thank You,

CDS Membership Benefits

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