Please accept my invitation to an enlightening and informative seminar, which will uncover the truth about sun exposure, that can potentially save many lives. You have the right to take charge of your own health.

Are you aware that we have been misguided on the topic of sun exposure, ultraviolet rays and causes of vitamin D deficiency?

Everyone knows that sunlight is essential for good health. Researchers have shown that vitamin D prevents illnesses, improve the condition of skin, regulates the immune system and increases rate of metabolism among other health benefits. Despite this common knowledge, many people today still suffer from illnesses related to sun exposure and vitamin D deficiency.

This seminar highlights the key aspects of this continuing health problem.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Ages 13 and up
Cost: $10
Event Date: Sunday, May 15 @ 5PM
Event Location: Druze House

Nada Yehia 
Registered Holistic Nutritionist 
905. 867. 6363

Seminar on the Truth of Sun Exposure 🌞

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