Arabic School at the Druze House

The Board of Directors at the Canadian Druze Society is thrilled to inform you that the Arabic School is back at the Druze House for the year 2016-2017.

Bring your kids to learn Arabic. Maintaining our mother tongue language helps our children value their culture, heritage, history, and identity which all contribute to a positive self-concept.

Classes will start on Friday, October 7, 2016 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

There will be 3 terms:

1st Term: October 7, 2016 – December 9, 2016
2nd Term: January 6, 2017 – March 31, 2017
3rd Term: April 7, 2017 – June 9, 2017

Pay your annual membership dues and get your kids registered at the Arabic School for free. If membership dues are not paid, the cost per child per term will be $20 to cover books and materials

Registration will take place by phone at 416-464-9314 or 416-567-6856 starting immediately or in person on the first day of school.

We look forward to a great year of learning, excitement, and fun with our kids.

Best regards,

CDS Board of Directors

Arabic School at the Druze House

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