Dear brothers and sisters…

This is to inform everyone that the Canadian Druze Society is in process of forming a
youth group, ages 14 -18 years old. The group will be managed by Petra Halabi, Nour Bouorm, Nancy Hatoum, Billy Abusaleh, and Hasan Abou Hamdan. Together they will create and plan many events and activities such as trips to Canada’s Wonderland, Movies, shopping centres, sporting events such as Toronto Raptors games, Toronto Maple Leafs games, Toronto FC games, etc.

No smoking , drinking or any type of narcotics will be allowed during these events.

Some of the expenses for these events will be funded by The Canadian Druze Society as well as fundraisers and payments from the Youth Group.

For further information please contact the CDS Board or :

Hasan Abou Hamdan – 905 391 9415 |

Petra Halabi – 647 973 3884 |

Youth group, ages 14 -18 years old

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