CDS Fundraiser and Donations Details

Dear brothers and sisters…

This is to inform you that the money collected from the CDS Facebook fundraiser and other donations have been sent to Lebanon as follows:
All funds are in Canadian dollars.

$6175 Donations through Facebook fundraiser
$650 Cash donations
$1975 CDS contributions
Grand total $ 8800

$1300 Sheikh Mounir Gharzeddine الشيخ منير غرز الدين
$ 1000 Greek Catholic Hospital مستشفى الروم بيروت
$ 1500 Druze-orphanage بيت اليتيم الدرزي – عبيه
$ 1000 Al Irfan Hospital مستشفى العرفان – السمقانية
$ 1000 Ain Wzein Hospital مستشفى عين وزين
$ 1000 Kataleb Spiritual Retreats خلوات القطالب – بعذران
$ 1000 Albayada Spiritual Retreats خلوات البياضة – حاصبيا
$ 1000 Alshahar Hospital مستشفى الشحار- قبر شمون

Grand Total $ 8800

Thank you all for your continuous support.
CDS Board Members
898 Markham Road
Scarborough, On M1H 2Y2

CDS Fundraiser and Donations Details

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