** Interested in learning more about the Druze faith?

We are excited to announce the return of Sheikh Wissam Abou Dargham to the Druze House for a series of interactive sessions on the Druze faith.

Don’t forget to register as the registration ends Wed Nov 23 2022.

** Register Now

Only confirmed registrations will be allowed to enter.
Click here to fill in the Registration Form (forms.gle/AN7ADQeaYMiePj4r5)

** Schedule
Day Session Time Group
Nov 26 Morning 10am – 12pm Youth (Ages 5 – 12 with parents)
Afternoon 2pm- 5pm All Ages
Evening 6pm – 7pm Religious Poetry – Please bring your own mandeel
Evening 7pm – 10pm Adult (Ages 15 – 40)
Nov 27 Morning 10am – 12pm Youth (Ages 12 – 15 with parents)
Afternoon 2pm – 5pm All Ages
Evening 7pm – 10pm Adult (Ages 15 – 40)
Nov 28 Afternoon 10 am – 1pm All Ages
Eventing 6pm to 10pm All Ages
Nov 29 Evening 7pm – 10pm All Ages


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898 Markham Road
Scarborough, On M1H 2Y2

Last Chance to Register – Druze Seminars with Sheikh Wissam Abou Dargham

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