** Interested in learning more about the Druze faith?

We are excited to announce the return of Sheikh Wissam Abou Dargham to the Druze House for a series of interactive sessions on the Druze faith.

On Sunday May 21 at 7:30pm we welcome guests to optionally bring snacks for a potluck at the Druze House.

** Register Now

Only confirmed registrations will be allowed to enter.
Click here to fill in the Registration Form (www.druze.net/register)

Registration ends May 18 2023

** Schedule
* Saturday May 20 8pm – 11pm (All Ages )
* Sunday May 21 10am – 12pm (Children with parents)
* Sunday May 21 3pm – 8pm (All Ages)
* Sunday May 21 7:30pm Potluck – Feel free to bring snacks (completely optional)
* Sunday May 21 8pm – 11pm (Youth without parents)
* Monday May 22 11am – 5pm (All Ages)


Join Us May 20 to 22 for Seminars with Sheikh Wissam Aboudargham

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