Important Reminder for all members in regards to the CDS election

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

This is a friendly reminder that Thursday May 23,2024 at 5pm is the last chance to pay your CDS membership to be able to vote on June 02,2024 CDS election, and both years (2023 and 2024) can be paid at once.

Thank you

We count on your votes and look forward to a successful election on
June 2nd between 5 pm & 7 pm at the CDS 898 Markham Rd

Find below some important reminders:

1- Who Can vote?
Only members who have paid their membership for the last two consecutive years are eligible to vote. Membership must be paid ten (10) days before the election day, with the deadline being 5:00 p.m. on May 23rd, 2024.
Young adults aged 18 to 24 can also vote if their parents are eligible members.

2- How do you pay for your membership?
by visiting our website,
or e-transfer to for $120 per year for a family membership or $60 for singles or by cash to any CDS board of directors.

3- Nominees list
Seven people to be elected out of the following:

Ziad Yehia
Sanaa Debaissy
Walid Fayez
Miriana Baddour Kaassamani
Ridaa Ghraizi Chaar
Silva El-Bitar Salman
Enas Botrie Younis
Dunia Aboutarie Raouda
Rola Hamzeh Hamdan
Nadine Raouda Abi Rafeh
Nadine Chaabane Kabboul

4- Election Committee
to help organize & monitor the election:

Sayed Abouchakra
Walid Alawar
Mohamad Abou Hamdan
Rabih Farhat
Mayssoun Hatoum

Please be aware that to verify your voting eligibility or inquire about your membership status, kindly email and settle any outstanding dues before May 23rd, 2024.
Lists of the nominees to be distributed at the CDS

Important Reminder for all members in regards to the CDS election

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